Bullying is terrible, especially for children

Anxiety, sleep disorders or even suicide, bullying is a serious issue. However, there are no scientific studies. London researchers ventured an attack and found that bullied children three times more prone to hurt themselves.
Are little fights and arguments are everywhere. They are part of the school day. But bullying goes beyond that: experts define it as an aggression against another, which lasts for a long time. An individual will be tortured, ostracized and bullied.
Scientists in Germany are assuming every sixth children is a victim of bullying. In Britain, a study has shown that this figure may be higher estimate: There is every fourth child is being bullied throughout his school years.
Cruelty against individuals
The spectrum of the cruelties that these children are living through is unimaginable. It ranges from verbal attacks with hurtful sayings about perfect Ignore the person being bullied, to physical attacks such as kicks, punches, cutting, biting, pulling out clumps of hair or strangulation. In addition to such attacks is threatening children and adolescents and the general attack from the Internet: One in three teenagers has been a victim of cyber bullying has become, notes a study by the insurance company technicians.
The pain seems to know the children emotionally related to the performance of the British study, often look for in a terrible manner on his way to the outside. Children who are bullied in childhood tend to more frequently to the age of twelve years of self-harm. Of 2141 children who were examined for each of said ninth at the age of twelve years, that it would bullied at school. The mothers of every sixth of these children said they think that their child was a victim of bullying.
Bullying appears physically and mentally
The attacks from the Internet does not remain without consequences. The young people interviewed for the study of the health insurance reported in 66 percent of cases to be angry, one in five was desperate and felt helpless. 18 percent of teens came to sleep and head and abdominal pain. „The affected students bullying not only leads to a reduction of the performance,“ says education expert Dr. Karl Gebauer. It is also known that children who are victims of bullying tend to suffer from anxiety disorders and depression. They show rapid behavioral abnormalities or psychosis. The German Society of Psychiatry found that bullying cause of depression, learning difficulties and isolation, to suicide attempts can.
Following the London study now, it seems likely that affected children make faster than other self-harm. Risk factors for self-injurious acts difficult family relationships are known, a low IQ, abuse or behavioral problems. In the future, according to study results, psychologists and psychiatrists as well as precipitating cause of bullying take into consideration.
Directly address bullying
In addition, the authors call for more effective programs to prevent bullying in schools to develop in order to give children affected by the hand and alternative strategies to help them directly. But parents and teachers can become active in case of bullying. The persons involved – the perpetrators – almost always send signals. This, says Dr. Karl Gebauer from the adults would be perceived, interpreted and used as a starting point for clarifying discussions.

Even German scientists explore the issue of bullying: Since January 2011 working at the University of Hohenheim, a research group on cyber-bullying to replace speculation by hard facts. Ruth and her teacher Festl interdisciplinary team of communications researchers and psychologists have a clear goal in mind: to intervention strategies against cyber-bullying for schools and youth work. They want to tackle the problem at its root. However, these results are expected within the next three years.
Help find often directly affected in the school. There are often points of contact and social contacts, social workers or teachers who are specially trained and volunteer as contact person.
In addition, we also found in places of church social support as diakonia, Hospitallers or Cartias a first aid point. Even psychologists can help and work through the problem and the affected children help to develop strategies to help them permanently. Psychotherapy also helps to overcome the effects of bullying and being able to take off again.